Official Music Zone

The essence of Music Zone begins and ends with giving back to the community, with the main idea being to enrich the musical experience of those around us.
Music Zone aims to help improve local artists, as well as artists in cities throughout the United States. We assist independent acts in reaching their full potential by providing them opportunities to build their fan base and advance their careers in the music industry.

The state government has slowly been cutting budgets and reducing funding in public schools, with programs dealing in the arts and music being among the first to go, leaving a void in the education of expression. Music Zone recognizes this void and we have made it our mission to aid in filling it. We strive to ignite a passion for the arts and music in our community's youths. That is why a portion of the proceeds from all our events goes back to local public schools' music and arts programs. Music Zone is dedicated to building relationships with people, companies, and organizations that are devoted to the advancement of music, music and arts education, and the national public at large, including working with non-profit groups that share our vision.

Music Zone. The company that helps you build, gets you ready, gets you there.