Every show that Music Zone puts on is a competition, from the shows of High School Music Clash to our regular event series. Music Zone is looking for the best acts possible to take to the next level. Music Zone is designed to have artists and bands of all genres perform in different venues to build their fan base and compete to win different prizes ranging from money and radio rotation, to studio time (mix and mastering included), photo shoots, and possible endorsements. We are searching for up and coming artists and bands all over the country and abroad, that have shown to be a great draw in their area and have the energy, stage presence, and the "it" factor to make it in this industry.

The elite prize we offer can make or break you: In time, Music Zone will be putting on tours, every 6 months to a year, with the artists/bands that Music Zone feels that deserves and can handle the type of tours that we put on, giving the top acts the opportunity to perform in front of large crowds in the best venues possible, throughout prime areas like New York, Nashville, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and more. Performers will be fully compensated for their time and each show performed.

Artists/bands picked for this special opportunity will be based on their promotion skills, performance, precision, attitude, consistency, ability to take direction, and, most importantly, heart. A portion of the proceeds derived from every show goes back to local public school music and arts programs, helping to further Music Zone's goal of giving back to the community and instilling the wonder of music and art in our society's children that can be carried on for many years afterward.


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